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This is early demo build for Clarent game. The game is action adventure game based on celtic mythology.

The demo contains 3 weapons, 4 spells, 1 relic and 2 techniques. Current demo doesn't contain boss battle. Plan was to include

To unlock Berserker Mode, you must kill fomori warrior.

It's recommended to play this with controller that has proper d-pad, such as DS3 or DS4. They do not work natively, so Xinput Wrapper is needed as the game only supports Xinput controllers for now.

Please check the controls for keyboard and controller before starting the game.

This game requires DirectX 9.0c to run. If the game crashes on you, get it.

The game content is subject to change. This does NOT represent the final product.

If you are interested in following the game's development, please follow me on twitter @ArikadoDev.

Please leave feedback on game's page or on my twitter. Feedback is really important and very welcome. I need it to improve the game and make it as good as possible.

Moves list:

[attack] = Basic attack.
[attack] (hold) = Basic combo which can be performed only once first hit has connected. Second attack cancels enemy action.
[up] + [attack] = Launches enemy up air. Can be used as counter for stabs.
[attack] (crouch) = Sweep. Can be used to strike enemies on lower ground.

[up] + [attack] -> [jump] = Jump Cancel.

Patch Notes (3.70):

- optimized code
- added cultist
- added fomori warrior
- added shop
- new dialogue system
- added sliding
- combat changes
- better animations
- single button dodge
- new sound effects
- better hitstop system
- added berserker mode
- added swimming
- added acceleration to movement

Patch Notes (3.60):

-halved the sacrifice time
-changed how ledge grab works (locks in until jump is pressed)
-second attack in combo staggers enemy
-fixed bug with textbox color changing to white
-grappling hook now usable while crouching
-fixed issue with jump sometimes not working
-decreased dodge distance
-enemies are no longer afraid of falling short distance
-enemies gets confused when set on fire
-fixed bug with minimap that happened when player changed rooms while being hit
-fixed animation bug with grappling hook
-fixed crash when pressing [status] while under status effect
-fixed problem with audio and deadzone bars not working correctly
-minor tweaks to various animations
-reduced JC jump height
-changed how position on map appears
-changed shroom AI and effects
-main menu track changed from mono to stereo

More information

Published172 days ago
StatusIn development
Player countSingleplayer


ClarentDemo3dot70.zip (23 MB)


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the music was kind of short but it was very good
most of the sound effects were pretty good but the voice the character makes when he gets hit is really bad
not 100% sure if I like the slower and more deliberate nature of the combat as compared to SotN but it definitely carries a good weight to it and you can still back dash cancel attacks so it works

not much going on with the level design so hopefully you'll have some puzzles or something in the future
metroidvania is my shit so I'm pretty excited for this one

Looks promising, controls are a little fustratring, I need to play this games with a controller. Seems cool enough otherwise.